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All of us who worked to put this show together would like to thank all of you who thought it was important enough to see




"There will not be a single spectator. All will be participants. The work requires special people, special artists and a completely new culture. The cast of performers includes an orchestra, a large mixed choir, an instrument with visual effects, dancers, a procession, incense, and rhythmic textural articulation. The cathedral in which it will take place will not be of one single type of stone but will continually change with the atmosphere and motion of the Mysterium. This will be done with the aid of mists and lights, which will modify the architectural contours." 

    -Alexander Scriabin 1903-


Scriabin’s attempt to create a theatrical piece which involved music, art, dance and audience in a stunning presentation, never made it to completion.  The Artists Group is reviving this idea today with  it’s own version of Mysterium. The ideas that formed the groundwork for Atmosphere metomorphisized   from the longing for new artistic expression, one that would embrace as many artistic disciplines as possible, to an excursion into the vastness of the universe. The project grew from the word and has become much, much more. The idea, a result of many late night ponderings, was a unique thought in the world of performance. Although there are many multi media experiences, none reach out and create a total live environment. Artmosphere is an interactive performance involving dance, music, poetry and visual artists in a collaborative celebration of the spark and essence that makes up everything that we know and even more of what we do not know. Loosely based in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the story of “Artmosphere” is the story of the creation of  the  universe. Act One begins with the introduction of the elements, earth, water, air and fire. Act Two introduces Chaos (The Void) and Parcae (Creation), these  two forces discover they need each other to exist and that by working together, are able to succeed in  making our world the way we want it to be. What we are presenting is not only a beautiful story, but a morality lesson that all of us could use in these times. “Artmosphere” is a display, a live piece of art, a simultaneous participation of all disciplines with the involvement of the visual arts in a dynamic way. A   performance experience such as this has rarely been seen. The dancers will be in the face of the patrons and the music and sights will wash over them, stimulating their senses and drawing them into the performance. This show is a collaboration of many talented individuals acting as one and we would like to invite you to become a part of “Artmosphere”.

If you believe in the magic that exists in an artist’s mind, then join with us and experience the art.





Artmosphere is proud to announce the following additions to our performance:


Artist - Andrew Liepzig -

The members of Blue Dream

Chris Benvegna: - Lead Guitar

Charlie Held:- Drums & Percussion

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