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The world of Debra Ann Kasimakis has always been connected to her artistic well being. Debra is an arts advocate extraordinaire. When forming her own company, Pandagraphics, she was a pen stroke further in framing her artistic ideas, concepts, and ambition into a place, where dreams and reality meet. When starting the Artist’s Group, Debra shared her endeavors with other talented people who now knew they were not alone in their creative journey. This group has been a magnet for artists and writers to discuss, enhance and expand their artistic aspirations. Starting with nothing but an idea, Debra was the dynamic force behind the Long Island Fringe Festivals since 2009. She made it possible to have a full range of enterprising musicians, artists and poets exude their talent. Now, in the pages of Petscapes, Debra Ann Kasimakis has focuses her muses into a journey of visual/poetic experiences that are exciting in their concept and a treat for all.          Robert L. Harrison

Driven by an overwhelming empathy for the pain and suffering endured, my compelling love of animals and the complacency of a world that ignores their cries for help, this work was conceived and given birth. Mr. Poupyrus pictured within the book was rescued as a six week old puppy in danger of being euthanized because, he is deaf. That was 14 years ago. He is an American Staffordshire Terrier.

 I hope to draw attention to the plight of family pets through the distribution of this book. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of “Petscapes” will be donated to animal welfare and rescue on Long Island, NY

Shortly after completion of Petscapes our beloved  

Mr. Poupyrus succumbed to lung cancer. We are glad that these images of a great companion will continue to bring joy to many others worldwide.


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