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Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Long IslandĒs premiere performing arts center is enlisting the assistance of The Artists Group in bringing visual creativity to its Atrium space. Opened in November of 2004, the Atrium is in search of itís identity and The Artists Group has supplied some of Long Island's most accomplished artists to take on this task. This is the first group, in what we hope will be a long line of revolving installations in this impressive facility. We urge you to approach this endeavor with the same sense of fun and enthusiasm as the world-class performers Tilles Center will brings to the stage. We will be accepting new applications in the fall of 2008. so start thinking about what you would do to fill this space. The proposed designs should as varied and eclectic as the  performances presented at Tilles. In the meantime enjoy these photos of previous installations.



Slim Cook




"Bion" - Adam Brown

"Whirling in the Solar Nebula" - Laurette Kovary

"Large Cone/Race Car Doors" - Max Yawney

"Spirit of Movement" - Debra Ann Kasimakis

"Flight of the Seven Nations of Peace" - Tonito Valdarama

"Nite Out" - Jerelyn Hanrahan

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